Planning Permission
Planning Permission
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Planning Permission

The purpose of planning permission is to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest. This is achieved by requiring that all proposed development (with a few exceptions) must have planning permission before any work commences. Applications for planning permission are only refused if the proposed development would cause harm to the public interest.

Planning permission is required for most building work and also for a range of other operations such as some changes in the use of buildings or land.

Planning Permission

In addition to planning permission you may also need Building Regulations approval for the proposed works.

The process of applying for planning permission is a specialised area requiring professional management to be successful.

We help our clients win every sort of planning permission.

  • Larger buildings for business expansion
  • Residential plots in gardens
  • Brownfield re-development
  • Major Strategic schemes for developers (650+)

At every stage we listen to the client’s requirements and aim to optimise site values to satisfy both the landowner and the Planning Authority.

At Keymer Cavendish we have specialist skills in all the following areas of planning permission. (click here).